What’s Up Tax Fraud Pizza’s?! If you are listening to this and you have not done your taxes it is too late! Obama is coming to get you and there is no hope so you might as well just listen to this podcast and surrender yourselves to the police with a smile on your face. We have 4 Tax evasive gamers on this weeks show in Sir Aaron Carter, Noel Beltran, Eddie Villanueva and of course your host with the most: Cory Vincent.

We have a treat for you all because not only are we playing Whattcha Playin’?! we are also bringing back a classic segment to the show that of course is going to blow up in his face because Aaron wont let him have nice things… And one of the panelists is a cheater!! Find out who cheats, we give our full fledged opinions on Mortal Kombat X, and much much more on this weeks dramatic episode of… Videogame BANG!

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