Whats up Pizza’s?! Comic Con is right around the corner and we can barley withold our excitement! Cory and Aaron are joined by the usual suspects Jada and David. Cory has joined the church of android and makes a public statement in regards to this move, also Aaron is watching a soccer game throughout the entire recording of the show.

This round of whattcha playin gets pretty intense as Cory and his lifelong best friend David Ng go back and forth on a joint review of the new Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015. Cory HATES it while David thinks its not HORRIBLE.. but still admits it sucks pretty hard.

After the break we have John Spartan Nguyen, the Nerd Reactor editor and chief on the show to talk about his anticipation of for Comic Con, the Destiny Beta and much more. And just as you would comr to expect we have VIDEOGAME NEWS! with a side of BANG BITES!!

Dust off your knickers and spin your plates because you are about to experience Videogame BANG!