Not to leave you in suspense The Weekend Bang is back in full effect picking up where we left off. Sir Aaron Carter here talking about innovation, and what games will bring it in 2014. The crew has changed just a tad from last week but we’re still rollin. Cory and Alex are back to fill the butt molds they left from last week, and Jada joins to fill the canyon that Steven has left behind. We get right into the Indie title that developers say will give you a new look on games and we hit up just a little bit on the Licensed title as well. All that plus its a late night recording so who knows what’s going to happen. Well i do cause I was there. Will Alex ever agree that my gaming taste and knowledge is superior to his? Is basic english to difficult for me to comprehend? What happened to Steven? All will be revealed on this weeks Part Two of the Weekend Bangs series on innovation.