This week, on the Videogame BANG! panel, are some voices you should recognize. Of course Cory and Aaron are in the house, and this week by their side is fan favorite David ‘Diegando’ Ng, and Nintendo guru Mark ‘Markytaru’ GRIFFENDORRRR.

All things must come to an end.. The Civil War, The great depression, and finally Aaron Carters reign of trivia dominance. This week we are joined by YouTube’s very own “RealDavidWebb”, see what happens, in an extremely controversial round of the trivia game. Let us know if you believe it should count as a true loss or not!

As per the norm we go through a round of Whattcha Playing and talk about the weeks biggest gaming news and events. We have a loaded agenda this week as Fallout 4 has been made everything but official, The PS4 has become the most successful console launch in the history of the world, and Robert Knepper has been cast in the show ‘Arrow’.

We hope you enjoy this weeks episode of the Videogame BANG! and ecourage you to share it with your fiends, comment below, tweet us your thoughts, and as always stay frosty my friends.