VGB Crew

As a half-ling who only finished homework just to play video games, I have not grown out of this habit as an adult. Even as I write this I am gearing up my toon in the world of Azeroth. Don’t get me wrong I can adult pretty good, but I always feel the constant need to be plugged into the Matrix.

When i was noob status I played whatever games I could get my hands on, as a max level champ with steady gold income, I am proud to be part of the PC (2007 bro) master race. By night I build computers and travel to different worlds, by day I am a mother of two and work in retail for a corporation that shall not be named. Fun fact! I happened to meet Sir Aaron carter and Steven Gutierrez through said retail job many moons ago.

I did go on a solo mission for a while but eventually ran into this Sir Carter NPC who gave me an epic quest to join the VGB. In one short year i double d’d their fans with my humps, thanks to exploiting feminism. Because they needed to fill the minority quota I was offered permanent residence into VGB crew. So after being harassed at work, I attend the VGB! show to continue the harassing from the fans and Cory (shame). Several missing underwear later (I still have yet to see compensation, I blame Webb), I have been able to do a YouTube anime review about incest and even write an article reviewing an anime for nerd reactor. Many inappropriate pictures, filming and cons later I’m still here being degraded and looked down upon for being a woman. If i don’t receive a pay raise I’m outtie bitches, Fuck the free world!

P.S. Love you guys!