The Filmlosophers and Intern Amy break out the cervezas and the jams as they get pulled into la familia with their latest thoughts on the indigenous indigo cabezón superhero out of Warner Bros and DC, Blue Beetle.

The Brazen Borachos can’t believe the amount of quality storytelling and fun coming out of the fallen house of the DCEU, and how Director Angel Manuel Soto brought the Latinx community to the big screen. But does this film only highlight the very issues that DC and Warner Bros seem to work to sweep under the rug: diversity in their films? Or has the incredible work by actor Xolo Maridueña and the rest of the cast only scratched the surface of what James Gunn has in store?

Grab your tacos & your popcorn, & tune in to find out in this week’s episode of The Filmlosophers!

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