Jan 27, 2019 | Podcasts, Videogame BANG! Podcast

What is an Up Pizza? This week the REAL David Webb is in the hosting chair and brings with him the return of VGB Geek Jeopardy. It’s the weekend and we need to take a break from the news to sharpen our minds with some healthy competition. It’s a triple threat match between Emma Skies, Cory Vincent and Filmlosopher Eddie Villanueva!

The topics will be mentally challenging you in topics that range from comic books, movies, video games and a whole lot more! 



Topics Include: Gaming, Sacramento, Podcast, Jeopardy, game show, live, twitch, Alex Trebek, funny, comedy, Spider-man, Playstation, Sony, Microsoft, Xbox, Nintendo, Mario, Switch, Punisher, blue beetle, cosplay, the flash, Wonder Woman, trivia, Game, Emmaskies, Cory Vincent, David Webb, Eddie Villanueva, crossover, netflix, esports, Overwatch, gamer


Discless Decisions & Playstation 5 ep. 483

What's Up Pitch Pipes?! This week with Curtis out sick: Friend of the show Taylor Balbi comes through to hang out with Emma, Webb, and Cory to fill you in on all the gaming Tea you might have spilled. First we talk about the VGB making their television PREMIERE ,...

Star Wars: Rise of Disney+ ep. 482

What's Up Intergalactic Pizzas?! This week we have David Webb, Curtis Fisher, Nexus and Cory in the house and we have MORE STAR WARS NEWS than you can shake a stick at! Whattcha Playin'?! makes it's long awaited return followed by the crew's dissection of the brand...

BANG of Thrones ep. 481

You already knew that the VGB Crew loves video games, but what you may not have picked up on is exactly how much we LOVE Game of Thrones. We love it so much we decided to do a COMPLETELY SEPARATE series called BANG OF THRONES exclusively available on the VGB Patreon...