This morning has been a pretty awesome one, if I do say so myself. We’ve had some time to mull over the last few trailers that have debuted this past month, from glimpses of Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming Blade Runner sequel, to the clips that are being released for Disney’s live-action adaptation of their smash hit animated film, Beauty and the Beast. Well, this morning has been a gift from the trailer gods, as we get the final trailer to Hugh Jackman’s last stint as Logan, aka the Wolverine, in the upcoming film simply titled Logan. The trailer was great, but the extended red band trailer really gives you an idea as to what you can expect from the the March film. And in this trailer, we finally see who this little girl really is. Hint: she ain’t Jean Grey.

From what we can gather from the trailers, we can only surmise that the little girl in question in none other than the famed X-23. For those that aren’t familiar with the character, X-23 is the result of the Weapon X experiment that birth what we now know as Wolverine. After 22 tries, the program created X-23, and according to the comics, goes by the name¬†Laura Kinney. One unique feature that separates her from Logan, aside from her¬†only having two claws that protrude out of her hands rather than his three, is that she also has an adverse reaction that causes her to go into a berserk rage from a chemical created by her creators called “trigger scent,” which may play a larger role in the film. It’s possible, but who knows. Check out the trailer below!