Knowing what to look for in a gaming mouse can be very difficult, especially given the price premiums associated with a lot of brand name mice in the market. Kaliber Gaming™ looks to be trying fix that with their line of gaming mice. I had the chance to take the SYMMETRE ambidextrous mouse for a spin for a week or two, and while I didn’t fall in love, I was quietly impressed.


The mouse was packaged in a normal sized box with a flap to allow you to view the mouse, which was nice. After opening the box and taking the plastic molded pack out, I noticed that the mouse was heavier than it looks, which was a pleasant surprise. Since the mouse is for ambidextrous users, it is indeed symmetrical, making the model name SYMMETRE very apt. The mouse has 2 main buttons, with a scroll wheel/button in the middle, along with an up and a down button right below the wheel to change DPI on the fly. There are also 2 buttons on either side for forward/back, for a total of 9 buttons. The box and information stated that 8 out of 9 buttons were macro programmable, but I was unable to find the “KALIBER Gaming Software” that would allow for this. I also found that with my hand size/grip on the mouse, hitting the side buttons was more difficult than I preferred. I only really pressed them when browsing the web, and since they were a bit smaller than I am used to, I sometimes still hit the wrong one. The cable is braided, which prevents it from kinking and catching on things, making all that much easier to smoothly move the mouse to where you need it to go. The mouse pulses blue roughly every 3 seconds or so, which could be annoying if you are trying to sleep near it, but it never really bothered me, as it also happened to match most of my PC setups colors. The design on the back of it almost looks like an Iron Man helmet, which is kind of neat, but with the pulsing blue lines, it yells “HARDCORE GAMER NERD” a little bit to me.

picture2To test out the mouse in a gaming environment, I played an FPS and a MOBA to attempt to put the mouse through its paces. The mouse was very responsive in an FPS setting, and I really enjoyed the high DPI, up to 4000. With how frenetic FPS gaming can be, I was able to appreciate the size of the mouse and how it- more or less- forced me to use the claw grip, but, again, since the side buttons were so small, I couldn’t reliably use them in the heat of combat. However, when I tried to play a MOBA, I found my wrist and hand getting fatigued, as they started to hurt while playing. Now, my wrists are probably already in for a bad time later in life, thanks to all the video gaming that I have already thus far, but this mouse seemed to aggravate that, while having to right click a lot without having anything to rest my hand on.

Overall, if you have smaller hands, and/or you need to have a gaming mouse with a respectable DPI that will work with both hands, the SYMMETRE might just be the mouse you are looking for. With an MSRP of $24.95, it is very very difficult to find something that works as well for the price, when other gaming mice are $50-60 minimum. Although, if you have larger hands or use a palm grip, you may need to look elsewhere for a larger mouse to be comfortable.

Kaliber Gaming™ SYMMETRE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse includes:

  • USB 2.0 Full speed gaming mouse
  • Fully ambidextrous design for right- or left-handed gamers
  • 9 buttons with custom programming software
  • Avago 3050 optical sensor
  • Adjust on-the-fly up to 4000 dpi
  • 64K built-in memory
  • 125/500/1000Hz adjustable report rate
  • 6600 fps frame rate
  • LED backlighting with “breathing” effect