Review by Karla Von Guerra

What’s up Pizzas’! Calzones! Tortellinis! Italian Food! Bada-bing, bada boom!

I’m Karla Von Guerra and I’m here to review Kaliber Gaming’s Fokus Pro Laser Gaming Mouse from their Imperial White Edition series of gaming components.

Now off the bat, I’m just gonna go ahead and say that the Star Wars font sold me.. I’m a sucker for anything Star Wars, so we’re starting off on the right foot here. The mouse looks really sleek and solid, and is definitely eye catching, and let’s just face it.. I’m a girl and we care about our aesthetics when it comes to gaming rigs and components. My personal rig is a rainbow explosion of magical unicorn colors and I love it. Which brings me to my next point.. this mouse? Multi-colored backlighting like WOAH! Did I age myself? I just did, didn’t I? What can I say, I’m a DMX girl. But really though, the lighting effects are pretty damn magical and have a breathing like effect that I’m a fan of and in general when we’re talking aesthetics it fits just like a glove with my rainbow rig complete with Corsair K70 RGB keyboard and Siberia Raw Prism headset. Nevermind that it just so happens to have my initials stamped into it.

Now, let’s get a bit more technical. Kaliber Gaming has put out a pretty solid product in this gaming mouse while managing to keep it relatively budget friendly. Retailing at about $49 on NewEgg, I gotta say this mouse it s pretty decent deal. It’s got sleek aluminum sides and doesn’t feel cheap, though, it’s relatively lightweight compared to some other gaming mice around the same price range. I know it’s a matter of personal preference, but I tend to like a little weight on my mice. If this isn’t a factor for you and you prefer a more lightweight mouse, then this mouse will not disappoint. In the end it’s a matter of preference and this mouse still performs really well, so the weight doesn’t detract from the overall quality. This mouse boasts an 8200 DPI laser sensor, so I find it’s a bit more accurate than typical optical or LED laser fanfare you will find at this price range. And speaking of DPI, this mouse also allows you to shift your DPI adjustments quickly with the DPI button. Not too shabby. Also.. My lefties! Kaliber Gaming hears you! This mouse is also ambidextrous, which is great for my leftie gamers and comes equipped with 8 programmable buttons.

All in all, the Fokus Pro Laser Gaming Mouse is a really good deal if you’re looking to get yourself a budget friendly gaming mouse that won’t break the bank but still offers a wide array of features that will keep you satisfied while doing all your game stuffs. Also, if you like pretty stuffs. Good job, Kaliber Gaming! Definitely interested in trying more of your products and excited about your offerings.