NRG, the eSports organization founded, and lead, by Sacramento Kings co-Owner, Andy Miller, continues to shake things up in the eSports world by bringing “traditional” sports thinking to the emerging eSports community. The latest in a series of game changing moves comes in the form of a NBA style ‘bench’ deal with sports nutritional drink, BioSteel.

Much like NBA teams sell sponsorship of the team bench, towels, and water bottles, NRG’s League of Legends and Counter Strike:GO teams will be representing the BioSteel brand. Since there is no actual team bench in eSports, BioSteel will be cross promoted by the teams and players via social media as well as being represented by players holding BioSteel towels and drinks as they come on stage at competitions.

“BioSteel is a major sports nutrition company for performance athletes,” Miller said. “They work across a lot of sports and individual athletes from baseball, golf, and basketball. Because we’re basketball owners and we have athletes like Shaq, A-Rod, and Jimmy Rollins as investors—we brought in a company that knows player health.”

Miller goes on to explain that this deal is important not only as a new sponsor entering the eSports space from traditional sports, but because the product recognizes eSports players as the athletes they are.

“The global explosion of eSports is remarkable,” said John Celenza, CEO of BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. “By mirroring a partnership familiar to mainstream professional sports, it is an authentic participation for BioSteel in a new sports industry. We acknowledge the immense skill and level of influence that an eSports athlete possesses in their demanding practice and performance and are unified with NRG in promoting athlete health in eSports.”

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Source: aList Daily