So for this being my first article ever, it’s a good time to start. This weekend was DreamHack summer and with multiple tournaments going on this week we have a few things to cover for everyone’s fandom, from CSGO to Hearthstone and even Smite, lets get to this weeks results, as well as the Results for the EU and NA LCS.


In the Smite Tournament, World Champion Pantera took the crown over Team SoaR in a 3-0 victory.


Having watched this one myself, Germany’s RDU took the win over USA’s Frozen in a conquest format,

with the winning game RDU taking the Victory with his Zoolock over Frozen’s Miracle Rogue.



There were 2 winners in this years CSGO groups, in Group A, Team Immortals took the title while in

Group B Team NiPI (Ninjas in Pajamas) took the crown, these I did not get a chance to see but I’ve read

that they were very exciting to watch.



For the SFV tourney we have a winner that took out a Japanese god to get there, BX3 Phenom took out

RZR Fuudo to take the crown for SFV in Dreamhack Summer.



With the recent switch in the LCS from a best of one to a best of 3 Format, the games have been

exhausting to watch, but with all the money that LoL has attracted with sponsors and teams, the games

have rarely been one sided and have in fact been very enjoyable to watch, now im not saying that EU or

NA have the team that can take down SKT in Korea, but I’m saying that they should very soon, and with

that out of they way, here are the results for last week in the EU LCS.


Day 1

Roccat L vs Origen W

Fanatic W vs Schalke L

Vitality W vs Unicorns of Love L

H2K vs G2 Tie

Splyce W vs Giants L


Day 2

Unicorns of Love L vs G2 W

Roccat L vs Schalke W

Splyce L vs Fanatic W

Vitality L vs H2K W

Giants W vs Origen L



Day 1:

C9 L vs TSM W

Team Liquid W vs Phoenix1 L


Day 2:

Immortals W vs NV L

CLG W vs Echo Fox L

Team Liquid W vs NRG L

Phoenix1 L vs Apex W


Day 3:


Apex L vs C9 W

Echo Fox L vs Immortals W



So this is the first article that I have ever written and if you have suggestions to make it easier to read or if there is a sport or certain things you would like to read on here just let us know and ill be sure to incorporate it, but for now this is Noel “Razer916” Beltran signing out.