After countless hours of work and a major collaborative effort between some incredibly talented people, we are proud to launch a BRAND NEW independent podcasting studio and network based out of Sacramento, CA: VGB Studios.

When we started podcasting it was just an experiment, which has evolved into a passion that is manifesting itself as a way of life. Podcasting is a forum of creative expression, that can be educational or completely nonsensical and still remain 100% relevant.

Our goal at VGB is to create a stable of great podcasts that are of both high audio fidelity and high quality content, united under one umbrella. One thing we have learned with Videogame BANG! is that collaboration is key. Independently you can achieve great things, but it is not until you are working in collaboration with other like minded people you can build something truly special. Bringing our collective audiences together in one place and sharing experiences and ideas ultimately give listeners a cohesive podcastular Universe (or continuity) that is rich and complex.

We are still building our content base and right now we have two shows: Videogame BANG! and The Filmlosophers. We have plans for a third show that has yet to be announced, but we are very excited about the future. We appreciate everyone who has ever listened to one of our shows or been involved with Videogame BANG! and VGB Studios thus far.

We want to build this studio around the needs and wants of the listeners. If you have any feedback, questions, comments, or ideas we would love to have you submit them HERE.

Along with the weekly podcasts we will also be launching this DAILY blog that you are reading now, written by members of our VGB Studios community, many whose voices you hear on the podcasts. We are overwhelmed, nervous, and excited for this major project we are taking on right now, but we know that with hard work and some love from you reading this right now, we are going to be alright.

Thank you,

Cory Vincent

VGB Studios-Founder