VGB Live! 40: Bob Webb from NextGen Pants

Mar 21, 2016 | Podcasts, Videogame BANG! Podcast

The Weekend is here so that means It’s time for another Videogame Bang! Live episode, and we got the west coast Bang Gang in the building. What does that mean? That means no Cory and no Webb, well at least no Real David Webb. They’re off in the silicone valley schmoozing it up with Steve Wozniak trying to get the VGB sponsored.

Sir Aaron Carter is at the helm with Lareesa as the first mate, rare visitor Derek Voss is at the navigation station, and as always the chatroom makes an appearance to put their two cents in. On this week’s episode we do some bangin around the web, everything from Rockstar Rumors to crazy Microsoft parties. Then we focus on our special guest, Lead developer at Nextgen Pants, Bob Webb. He brought his latest game, Refactor, to show the gang and tell us a little about how tough it is to be a game developer in this day and age.

Will we see a Red Dead sequel revealed at E3? Will Derek and Bob Webb replace Cory and The Real David Webb? Will the Warcraft movie fulfill all the needs of the franchises number one fan, Lareesa? All that plus silent Voss on this week’s episode of Videogame Bang! Live.