Videogame BANG! Live Episode 29: We Stand with France

Nov 16, 2015 | Podcasts, Video games, Videogame BANG! Podcast

During times of great tragedy it is important to acknowledge and show support to our fellow humans in need. Our hearts go out to those suffering, but even in times of struggle in hardship its good to keep smiling. While this show is dedicated to events that took place in Paris, we here at VGB are going to do what we normally do and try to make people laugh in a hurting world. The shows alternate title was going to be 5’s a crowd because we have a special show for you guys this week,the Videogame BANG! Live podcast is making its return! This week we have not only Lareesa, Webb, Cory, and Aaron.. there is a fifth player.. Jada!!! So sit back relax, and enjoy this weeks… Videogame BANG!! Subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and now AUDIOBOOM! Support the show:

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