Videogame BANG! Episode 100: #VGB100

Sep 9, 2015 | Podcasts, Video games, Videogame BANG! Podcast

Without further adu Videogame BANG! presents to you our crowning achievement: #VGB100 There are no words that will describe actually what will be heard in this episode. We decided to throw a studio reveal party and invite 15 of our closest friends and supporters to check out the new studio and rotate in and out of the show. Cory and Aaron are joined by regulars David Webb and Lareesa. We brought in fan favorites like Alexander Baggs and Steven! A few behind the scenes people that you have never seen on the show like Noah Page and Derek Voss join the show… Our humble little Sacramento podcast has made it to #100 and there is plenty of cause for celebration because we are unveiling our brand new Studio, and announcing our sponsorship with Corsair Gaming. VGB would not be possible without so many people and the support of Nerd Reactor, but the most important people are the ones that listen to the show week in and week out. Thank you for making the VGB dreams come true and we hope you stick around for another 100 episodes. In the Episode: Cory Vincent, Aaron Carter, David Webb, Genese Davis, Lareesa, Steven Gutierrez, Alex Baggs, David Ng, Creepy Jerry, Noel Beltran, Eddie Villanueva, Adam Seay, Jamie Webb, Elizabeth Vincent, Kristy Points, Derek Voss, Noah Page Special Thanks- Geoff Voss, Derek Voss, Karen Eudy, Ross DuClair, Danny Taylor, John Spartan Nguyen, Joe Gonzalez

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