Videogame BANG! live is here, and we’re live on ESPN2. Finally we made it to the big leagues and we’ve got one fantastic show for you. Sir Aaron Carter takes camera one as we go banging around the web and talk about everything from the CIA to World of Warcraft in this week’s episode and along for the ride Cory Vincent The Real David Webb and the dragon charmer herself Lareesa all get live in front of the television for your entertainment.

A major sports event is going down this weekend and we cover all the action as heroes of the dorm takes over national television on ESPN2 and the VGB crew discusses what it takes for any sports to reach the same heights as “regular sports” Will the E-sports take over the world once they make their debut? Will porn sites ever sponsor the show? Will Sir Aaron Carter and Cory ever agree on anything? Will Lareesa eat everyone out of house and home? All this plus we got the chat room popping off on this weeks episode of Videogame Bang Live!

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