The Weekend BANG! Is here, live once again and now with a brighter room! Sir Aaron Carter left it up to the people again to choose the topic and the response was quick, and decisive. Cory V shows his sexy mug on the live feed along with Weekend BANG! Live first timers, The Real David Webb, and Jason Gist.

David and Jason add well needed upgrades to the show, like lighting and a very nice background for the stream. After we get the Huge topic out of the way we take it to the chat as they ask us questions. You might just find out some deep dark secrets about us, or just what’s our favorite cartoons. What was the topic the the fans chose for this weeks episode? Is this the first time Sir Aaron Carter is actually the minority in the group? Can EA ever be stopped? Did Sir Carter learn how to read? Can the live stream get any better? All that plus more on this weeks episode of the Weekend BANG!