Sir Aaron Carter here and the Weekend BANG! is live and direct, that’s right folks we’re streaming live on Twitch. Taking one step closer to our fans, we break the walls down and our faces to the world. Cory V and Jerry P show their mugs too as we discuss 15 games that supposedly are the most influential to the gaming world. We dissect each one to reveal if its worthy to hold a title of most influential.

Long time fan Roger Howard joins the show via Skype to drop some knowledge about Ultra Arcade and give his two cents on the topic of the day. Our biggest guess on the show is you. We have the Chat chime in on all the topics. We even go into overtime, so don’t hit that stop button on your 8-track to soon. Will the twitch stream hold up with all the awesomeness getting pumped into it? Can the chat room convince Cory he’s wrong about movie games? Will the Weekend BANG! grow too big to control? All that and more on this weeks episode of the Weekend BANG!