The gaming world is in peril and the Weekend Bang is here to save the day! Sir Aaron Carter is back after a hiatus, and has gathered a ragtag group that consists of Cory, David Ng, and Noel Beltran, all to smite down some of the terrible trends that plague the gaming world. We also discuss the reason why you should support you local comic shops, or any local business for that matter.

In the second half we pick up where we left off, but get sidetracked with a heavy Borderlands discussion that just might change the way you look at Borderlands for the rest of your life. Sir Carter isn’t here to make you think like him, he’s here to make you simply think. Will you free yourself from the shackles of gaming oppression? Will Roland be resurrected in the Borderlands universe? Will this episode change the way you view gaming as a whole? All that plus a “laugh sneeze” on this weeks episode of the Weekend Bang!