What’s up Boo-Berry Pizza’s?! And Bitch you guessed it! With Halloween just a day away this is our Halloween Spooktacular: Marvel Edition Episode. Unless you have been living under the proverbial rock or forgot to pay your internet/ phone bill, or just woke up from a coma there is no way you have not heard the huge news coming from Marvel about “Phase 3”.

We have assembled a crack team of Marvel comic/ movie specialists to discuss the big news. Assisting Cory andAaron this week are human Marvel encyclopedia David Ng, as well as first timer to the VGB: Eddie Villanueva. The crew reads between the lines this week and talks about what we are looking forward to in phase three, as well as things we are worried about.

All that plus Whattcha Playin’, a Spooky Halloween soundboard, and oodles and poodles of spooky Halloween fun!