Sir Aaron Carter here with another astonishing episode of the Weekend Bang! The world is in peril, and it is up to three people to save it. Cory, Steven, and Jada are set for one of the most difficult tasks of their adult lives, the X-men draft! That’s right people the time has finally arrived. Today you find out who has got the skills to put together the best X-men team to save the world, and things get heated. With the earth in great danger can the Bang Gang keep it together for humankind? Or are you the listener better suited for the job. Play along with us as we hold our first ever X-men draft. see rules below, and enjoy this weeks episode of the Weekend Bang!

The X-men Draft

Any Marvel character that will be drafted has to have once served on the X-men.

Any draftee must be considered to have their original powers. example: Jean Grey has only the powers she was born with, no phoenix powers.

X-men from different time lines can be chosen, but once chosen, cannot be chosen again. Example: Age of apocalypse wolverine is chosen, so no one can choose any other wolverine, from then on.

Five members will be chosen by each drafter, in five rounds. Trades may be made only on the drafters turn.

Each first draft pick will be known as the team leader, and will receive an additional value bonus

You have one minute for each pick.

Each member of your group will hold a value given by “Cerebro”

If any of your team is related or has a relationship outside of the, X-men additional value will be added. Example: Married, Family, etc…

If any member of your team has had negative history with another member of the team then value will be deducted.

Proof of said relationship must be given.

At the end of the five rounds, value will be calculated, and a winning group will be chosen to defeat the enemy.