Whats up Pizza’s

Interesting turn of events have caused this episode to be a little late, but I assure you it is worth the wait. Cory made an epic fail and mistakenly deleted the entire second half of the show, and had to call the crew back the next afternoon for a redo. All of the best material was yesterday so you will all have to make due with today’s offerings where we do our best to retell jokes and stories as if we were hearing it all for the first time…

the News is off the 2 chains this week as Aaron has dug up some League of Legends Statistics that prove a point he’s been making for years, Far Cry 4 plot details have been leaked. Alienware, Man of Steal vs. Batman have big announcements, but the biggest story has to be the fact Youtube is trying to acquire Twitch.Tv for 1 Billion dollars! What does it all mean? Who knows?! But Cory, Aaron, David, and Steven are going to sort it all out for your listening pleasure.

And again here is a semi occasional reminder that we really appreciate all of the listeners out there. If you enjoy the show and have not already followed us on Twitter or Facebook, please do so and send us a message. We love your input. VGB will also be at E3 this year so stay tuned!

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