Sir Aaron Carter here to Smite you down with this weeks weekend bang! The league of legends addict Cory Vincent takes a break from his computer to chat it up with us, David “Gando” Ng brings intelligence and a pentakill to the show, and Jerry P joins and tries his best to gank everyone.

In the first part of the show we take on two of the MOBA giants, Smite, and League of Legends, and throw them into the arena. We go over the various areas of each game to try to convince people out in the internet world why you should be playing one over the other. Pay close attention you might just get surprised.

Rounding out the show, as we usually do, we bring you the latest in the gaming geek world with “bang bites” this weekend we cross all over the board from augmented reality to friendship loss. Will Microsoft build a competitor for the google glass? Will Jerry gank anyone? Can Naughty Dog ever keep a real friend? All that and tons more on this weeks Smite-filled episode of the Weekend Bang!