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Videogame BANG! Episode #21: The Return of Genese Davis

Feb 26, 2014 | Podcasts, Video games, Videogame BANG! Podcast

What’s up men, woman, and pizza’s of all ages! We have a fantastical show lined up for you guys this week, filled to the brim with gaming news, reviews, and this week a very super special guest returns to the show. You know and love her from her book ‘The Holders Dominion’, you may have seen her on YouTube or you local comic-con.. she is the beautiful and talented Genese Davis. This week joining Cory and Aaron on the panel is none other than Steven Gutierrez and making his triumphant return is David Ng. The first half of the show, we give an update on the D&D project, along with the gaming news for the week. After we take care of a little bit of business, Genese joins the guys to talk about what sh’e been up to since our last chat. We talk about her tour on the Wizard World Comic-Con circuit, along with her future as a moderator. After that we venture into uncharted territory and hand the keys to the show over to Genese and she leads us into a very in depth discussion about the four pillars of MMO’s. In another VGB first we take a second break! and when we get back Genese drops a BOMBSHELL! We are so happy for Genese, and know that you will be too. Join us on this magical journey of geekiness and some next level gaming ISH, with the beautiful and brilliant Genese Davis!

For More Genese Davis: Twitter – @GeneseDavis Facebook – Website- Genese Davis Projects: Check out her articles here:

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